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Jerry Renes

Marketing director / Partner

My internship at Clarify was my last internship before my graduation. I spent 50% of my time on my personal project and the other half on the company project. In this blogpost I will tell you more about the internship and project I’ve finished at Clarify.


This summer I did my internship at Clarify. I come from Italy and I've studied in France, so for my personal project I decided to focus on the new things that I've discovered in the Netherlands. The first thing that I was confronted with was the food. Every country have it's own particular habits about food and during these 3 months I had the time to explore Dutch food. Since my internship lasted only 3 months I decided to make a series of short animations in order to focus more on the animation part instead of the concept.


With the help, and the feedback, of my supervisors I first created the storyboard and then the visual design. The illustrative part was the easiest part because I'm used to making illustrations. I tried to explore a new style adding grain and noise in order to make the animation look more handmade. For the color palette I choose bright colors to make the animation more alive.



The animation part took me a while. I wanted to create smooth motion and learn the most possible about After Effects with this project. Thanks to all the members of the team I had many advices to improve my animation and make it better! I can definitely say that my animation skills are improved. It's really satisfing to finally be able to animate my illustrations and in the future I would like to continue on this road.


During these 3 months I've improved my illustration and animation skills and learned how to manage my time and my work. I finally did what I wanted to do: illustration, visual design and animation and I worked with talented and adorable people. There is a special bonding in this company that makes work day very pleasant and I'm sograteful to had the chance to work with them!

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