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Stageverslag van Anna Moessnang

Jerry Renes

Marketing director / Partner

Illustrations and animations have always fascinated me. So I was all the more pleased, when I was offered the opportunity to do an internship for the period of 5 months at Clarify. Finally I was able to take a look behind the scenes of a professional animation studio and the production process of videos!


What I found particularly compelling was the idea of having my own personal project and the full responsibility for it. With the beginning of my internship, the question what I wanted to do exactly came up very soon. As I am originally studying information design in southern Germany, I kind of felt attracted to the idea of creating an informative and explanatory video. In the past, I had already seen a lot of animations based on podcasts or interview excerpts. I really liked this approach and decided to try something similar as well. Furthermore, I wanted to challenge myself and create an animated video with new techniques I had never used before.

After a long search and many podcast episodes later, I finally found what I was looking for. I decided to use a podcast on the topic of decision making. I had a lot of audio material when I first started out working on my project so my first challenge was to break down the episode without losing the meaning of it. In the end I managed to create a coherent story which could be told within a few minutes.

After creating a solid concept and storyboard, I started making first drafts of the design. I decided to keep the visual design of the animation quite simple and focus more on finding harmonising colours. The final design included very smooth and round elements and a clearly defined colour palette.

‘I wanted to challenge myself and create an animated video with new techniques I had never used before.’


When it finally came to animating the visuals, I decided to use a combination of frame by frame animation in Adobe Animate and After Effects. It was the first time I tried out some hand drawn animation and I really liked experimenting with new techniques. Later on, I also worked on the sound design for the video and enjoyed it a lot because I could finally see my animation come to life.

It was a great experience to dive into all the different phases of the creation process and to be involved in every single step. I always felt very well supported during my whole internship. There was always someone who helped me out, whenever I was stuck and didn’t know how to continue. Especially my internship mentor Veronica gave me a lot of helpful advice and new ideas. All in all, I can say that I’m really happy with the end result and my decision to do an internship at Clarify. It was great to be surrounded and supported by such a creative team.


My internship was a perfect stepping stone into the animation world. I come from a different background education-wise but this experience has really motivated me to keep on practising and to continue on this road. I’m very glad to have been given this opportunity and I would do it all over again.

Disclaimer: This is an internship project from our intern Anna Moessnang in order to practice animation and illustration skills.

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