Visual consultancy

With visual consultancy, we aid your organization for the long haul. Whether it’s in the realm of strategy, innovation, or change. As a partner, we render processes tangible and clear by thinking visually, leading to widely supported solutions.


Consultancy, but visually

Visual consultancy is a visual form of consultancy. Our visual consultants employ visual thinking to co-create clarity around complex issues or changes. Visualizations are not an end goal here, but a means to convert complex information into a crystal clear story. Visual consultancy creates support and makes advisory processes more transparent, effective, and accessible. We guide both small and large advisory projects. From a single workshop to an extended change process. Together, we devise an approach that motivates your target audience to take action.



While the process of Visual consultancy can vary, the first step is always the same: we immerse ourselves in your world, ensuring we're always viewing your issues through the right lens.



Our Visual consultants employ visual thinking to get to the core of your story. Through co-creation, we illuminate your message with sketches, helping you to see the bigger picture.



Once your story is set, we translate it into a compelling design. This is where content truly converges with form, leading us to the most powerful visual interpretation of your story.



Visualizations make information more accessible and transparent, enhancing the content's reception by your employees. By using the visualizations in the right way, we get your target audience moving.



Our Visual consultants involve employees at an early stage, which creates support and the right focus. This increases the chances of successful implementation of, for example, your new strategy, change, or innovation.

Frequently asked questions

Visual consultancy is suitable for a broad range of issues. From minor changes to the development and implementation of a new long-term strategy, an innovation, or other change process.

Our brains process visual information much faster and better than text. Visualizations aid in understanding concepts and seeing connections. This makes visual thinking a powerful tool to clarify complex information.

We involve as many stakeholders as possible at an early stage to visualize complex topics. This leads to more commitment and thus, more support for your story.

Want to learn more about visual consultancy?

We'd love to explain more and explore together how best to utilize this for your project.