What we do

If you ask Wikipedia, information design is “presenting information in a way that fosters efficient and effective understanding of the information.” If you ask us, it’s about combining content, form, and experience of information in such a way that it’s clear and offers new perspectives. With our team of consultants, creatives, and developers, we’re eager to help you make a difference with your message.


Do you know the feeling of an a-ha moment? That's what we aim for with our work. With information design, you foster understanding, create support, and make progress. Whether you want to save the rainforest, can't see the forest for the trees, or want to grow as an organization.

New perspective

"You only see it when you get it," a legend once said. And that's exactly how it is: when you understand something, you look at the world around you differently. By smartly visualizing information and tailoring the message precisely, you help your audience see things from a different perspective. To expand knowledge, filter, or make choices.



We immerse ourselves in your world. All the way to the bottom. We get to know you, your organization, and your audience so we can look at the issue through the right lens.



We make complex matters understandable. Crystal clear. We get to the heart of your story and decide together how to convey your message with impact.



We translate your story into a strong design. Visually appealing. We merge content with form for the most powerful visual translation of your information.



We set your target audience in motion. Interactive. We develop an approach that encourages the end user of your service or product to take action.



We help you make a difference. Big or small. We ensure the right focus in the project and provide targeted advice, with an eye on the future.

From animation to visual consultancy

While information design as an umbrella term is relatively new, chances are you're already familiar with many of its forms; an infographic, for example, a visual summary, or an explainer animation. We build upon these products and services and apply information design to change issues, government campaigns, and innovation management.

Clarify Toolbox

To ensure our collaboration is a success, we use our Information Design Toolbox. This box contains design methodologies and carefully curated canvases to structure the creative process and clearly capture the outcomes. This way, your organization learns from each project and creates room for reflection.

Arent Benthem

Managing partner

Information design helps you gain control over complex topics. Because only when you understand something truly you can move forward.