About us

Clarify specializes in information design. We transform complex information into crystal-clear stories. We clarify, explain, and elucidate so that you and your target audience can make a well-informed difference. With our team of consultants, creatives, and developers, we bring together content, design, and technology in a logical way and develop information design that inspires action. Our work is seriously creative, and that’s reflected in our culture. We are interested in the world around us and continue to develop our talents to create beautiful things together. We would love to do the same for you.

Our values


We are dedicated and efficient. Everything we do contributes to the end result: making our clients' world understandable and setting it in motion.


We are flexible and solution-oriented. By being agile and making the most of the resources at our disposal, we are a reliable partner that thinks ahead.


We are proficient and professional. Our expertise and experience are reflected in what we create; it brings together all our qualities and motivates us to keep innovating.


We are intelligent and deliberate. We think before we act. Our approach is critical and constructive, with well-founded solutions for our clients as a result.


We are open-minded and approachable. We are curious and interested. In each other, in our clients, and in what's happening around us.


With Clarify, we shape the future. And we have been doing so since 2003. With Booreiland, in60seconds, and Getting the picture. Three like-minded agencies, each with their own specialization, complementing and reinforcing each other. A solid foundation for collaboration, as was evident in joint projects. With Clarify, we make our collaboration official in 2022 and continue as one agency with a clear mission.

Work standards

Since information is our core business, we naturally believe in handling it in a safe and responsible manner. Whether it's customer data or our own company data. That's why we are ISO 27001 certified and secure all information according to this standard. In addition, for government projects, we work according to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines to ensure that our digital products meet the required accessibility standards.

Meet the team

Clarify consists of a diverse collection of designers, animators, consultants, developers, copywriters, client managers, and project managers. In other words: doers, thinkers, and dreamers. Our common denominator? Talent! These are the talents behind our enlightening productions!

Abel Schupp


Amber van der Gulik

Visual consultant

Annemarie Holstvoogd


Arent Benthem

Managing partner

Chaja Maijer

People & culture manager

Charlotte Doorenbosch

Kickstarter marketing

Clara Pietrek


Evert van der Veen

Illustrator / Animator

Gerard den Heeten

New business lead

Gert Buist

Illustrator / Animator