Digital strategy

With a well-defined digital strategy, you can cater to the end users of your product or service with precision. We map out all the needs, identify opportunities for valuable interactions, and chart a roadmap for the most illuminating digital environment.


The best route towards a digital product

Through extensive research, we examine the desires of stakeholders and users for the website. This forms the basis of our design approach. We optimize the website for search engines, create a to-do list for the development of all sections and functionalities, and then proceed to craft the functional design.


Context Exploration

Welcome! We map out the stakeholders of the website, including their interests, to determine the best approach to address their needs. This allows us to establish the optimal way to meet their requirements and incorporate their input effectively.



We create personas, which are detailed descriptions of different users. This helps us investigate if the website is reaching its target audience. We base the further website design on these user profiles, ensuring it aligns with the needs and preferences of the identified user personas.


Customer Journeys

We examine how users intend to use the website to achieve specific goals, as well as analyze when and which parts of the product or service they utilize. The findings from these investigations collectively form the customer journey. This journey provides insights into the user's interactions, needs, and pain points throughout their experience with the website, enabling us to optimize and enhance their journey.



We gather and prioritize all sections and functionalities into a backlog, which serves as a to-do list for a period of 1 to 4 weeks. This backlog outlines the tasks and features that need to be addressed within the specified timeframe, helping to streamline the development process and ensure efficient progress.


Functional design

The functional design serves as the blueprint for your website, outlining how your platform should look and what it can and will do. It provides guidance and clarity, ensuring that everyone involved understands the intended structure and functionality of the website.

Frequently asked questions

We always engage in co-creation with the client when it comes to digital strategy. This means we collaboratively work towards a solid strategy through one or multiple workshops.

We recommend involving colleagues in the workshops who possess domain knowledge and have the authority to make strategic decisions. The workshops are fast-paced sessions where quick decisions need to be made.

Personas go beyond summarizing your target audience. They involve detailed descriptions of fictional characters that represent different segments of your target audience. They enhance empathy and understanding throughout the entire process.

Yes, we believe that user testing validates the platform and the choices we make, making it an essential step. With the results of user testing, we improve your platform until it delivers the ideal user experience.

Want to learn more about digital strategy?

We would be happy to provide more information and explore together how to best utilize digital strategy for your project.