Legal design

Legal design is about shaping complex legal information. Together with you, we get to the heart of the matter and create clear visualizations that enhance the text. This effectively conveys your legal message and ensures understanding among the target audience and all stakeholders. By applying legal design principles, we make the law more accessible, engaging, and user-friendly.


The powerful combination of text and visuals

Often, words alone are not enough to clearly convey legal information. A visual translation helps in this regard. To make a structure clear, to sketch a uniform image, or to provide an overview. We do this with the help of Legal Design. We get to the heart of your story and decide together how to convey your message impactfully. We structure and present information in such a way that it becomes appealing, accessible, and understandable. This provides a new perspective and makes your message clear to your audience, so you can truly make a difference.


Information Analysis

We immerse ourselves in your world and perform an information analysis. This gives us a good understanding of your legal case and the message you want to convey.


Creative Concept

We then translate the content of your message into a proposal for a creative concept, in which we bring together content and form. This way, we arrive at a powerful visual translation of the case.


Style Development

Based on the creative concept, we develop a visual style. We ensure that the style aligns well with your corporate identity, for a recognizable visualization of your information.


Document design

In the final phase, everything comes together. We ensure that text and image align well and we format the document so that the information effectively reaches your target group.

Frequently asked questions

The term legal design or legal design thinking covers several applications within the legal sector, but the basic principle is that you visualize legal information. With legal design, you literally sketch the bigger picture, making it easy to structure and present information. This way, you make legal information understandable and insightful through imagery, making your message more effective for your audience.

Legal documents often contain a lot of text. Legal design, and thereby visualizing complex information, makes communication more effective and ensures that the information is better understood by your audience. In addition, legal design helps you get to the core of your message, remember your legal information better, distinguish main issues from side issues, and make a comprehensible translation for non-lawyers.

Legal design can be applied to agreements and other legal documents. Legal design can also make case management more effective, thus increasing the chances of winning the case.

Legal design is suitable for anyone in the legal sector who wants to make communication clearer, more insightful, and more efficient. At the same time, legal design is also for other people who deal with legal documents. From lawyers to judges and from clients to interns.

Ready to give your case the winning edge with legal design?

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