Live drawing

Live drawing and visual note-taking, facilitate consensus and decision-making within your organization. We assist in visually capturing complex topics during meetings, making the information more accessible and easily understood, leading to better retention. This way, every meeting contributes to clear and effective business operations.


Unify content and form

Images captivate the imagination. That's why it's always a good idea to use visual note-taking when dealing with complex matters. Be it a meeting, a customer day, or a brainstorming session. We get to the heart of your story and make it clear with a strong visual design. Visual note-taking provides new insights, helps to stay focused on the essence, and also forms a great starting point for further discussion. In this way, our visual note-takers maintain the right focus and get your audience moving.


Context Statement

Before the session, our visual note-taker immerses themselves in your world, right down to the core. During this process, we already start thinking about potential metaphors and visualizations.


Visual Note-taking

During your event, we can take visual notes both analog and digitally. But whether we use a roll of paper or an iPad, the result is the same: we arrive at a powerful visual translation of your story.


Visual design

After the session, we can digitize and clean up the drawings, where we can also add color. Optionally, we can also create a fully designed presentation slide or infographic from this.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. After your meeting, we can clean up and send the minutes, but we can also create a fully developed presentation slide or infographic. This way, your message comes across even better to your audience.

Yes. We take notes in the way that suits you best. Whether this is on location on paper that we hang on the wall, on location on an iPad that is connected to a projector, or remotely via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, for example.

If desirable, our visual note-takers can think along content-wise. If necessary, they ask sharp questions, so together we get to the core of your story. By visualizing this core, it becomes clear to everyone.

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