With animation, your story comes to life. We first determine the message, the goal, and then the form. For instance, a video or interactive animation, in which you guide your audience through your world in a clear manner. Animations work well for storytelling, both internally and externally.


Breathe life into your message

Since 2009, we've been bringing our client's messages to life with our animations. An animation can, for example, introduce a new product to the customer, inspire employees with a vision, or clarify a business process. By visualizing, we create impact, and motivate people to take action. Through moving illustrations, accompanied by a voice-over, we communicate complex information in a short time. Always with a clear focus on quality. We develop the animation in collaboration with the client, making clear agreements about the budget, schedule, and deliverables.


Information analysis

We summarize the information from the kick-off and create a structure. This analysis forms the substantive foundation for the animation..


Voiceover text

Time for well-constructed sentences. We write the text that will later be heard in the animation, based on the information analysis and in the desired style.



Now that the text is set, we get to work on the visuals. We divide the story into different shots and sketch the images. We also describe how each image will move later on.


Visual design

In this phase, we develop all images in the chosen visual style, shot by shot. Thus, a static version of the final animation emerges.


Voiceover recording

We select several voice actors and send their demos. Then, the chosen voice actor records the voice-over. The text can be re-recorded once.

The Ocean Cleanup

Met animaties en datavisualisatie bijdragen aan plasticvrije rivieren en oceanen

Frequently asked questions

Not only the quality, but also the costs of providers can vary greatly. That's why we always work for a fixed, predetermined price. We'd be happy to tell you more about the possibilities and prices of our animations, get in touch with us.

The ideal length of an animation depends on where it's deployed. Viewers usually determine whether a message is interesting in less than a minute. But sometimes, it takes more time to explain something.


Creating an animation is craftsmanship and something we do together with our clients. Animations typically have a turnaround time of five to six weeks. If the client can act quickly and we deploy additional manpower, then a three to four weeks turnaround time is possible.

Our specialization lies in distilling large amounts of complex information down to its core. We translate this into a compelling voice-over script and storyboard.

We would like to learn more about your vision, organization, message, and target audience for the animation. Often, we schedule a meeting for this purpose, or we use our briefing form, which helps us view the request through our perspective. Based on this information, we will provide a quote with a fixed price.

We are renowned for our expertise in crafting the right message. We are also known for the quality of our custom-made animations. Our designers take pride in creating beautiful visuals, and we are capable of working with a wide range of illustration and animation styles.

Eager to learn more about animation?

We'd be delighted to provide more information and discuss how we can best utilize our expertise for your project. Let's connect and explore the possibilities together.