An infographic presents complex information in one clear image. Together, we analyze the information and translate it into a visually appealing, interactive end product. This creates an overview, shows relationships, or explains a process.


Visualising makes things clear

An infographic is a visual representation of information. It can be a collection of graphs or one large image divided into smaller parts. This makes complex subjects immediately clear at a glance, such as the workings of a product, company, or service. Static infographics can be used both offline and online. Offline, they can be campaign posters, leaflets to distribute, or manuals for employees and customers. Online, they can be a landing page, social media post, or support blog. During the creation of the infographic, we involve the client in a few feedback rounds. Together with the expertise of our professionals, we create a high-quality end product.


Structural outline

We summarize your information and provide both substantive and visual structure. The structural outline is an initial visual concept, forming the basis for the subsequent steps.


Sketch design

Now that the content has been established, we continue to work on the infographic and write the text that will be displayed.


Visual design

In this phase, we develop the infographic in the chosen visual style. This will be the final version.


Frequently asked questions

The costs depend on factors such as the complexity of the message and the illustration style. The depth of the layers of information also affects the price. Together, we will determine the best layout and illustration style. Based on that, we will provide a fixed-price quote.

The format of the infographic depends entirely on the purpose, target audience, and content of the message. How much depth should the infographic have, which content needs to be visual and which needs to be textual? We will discuss this together in advance so that we can come up with the best format through consultation.

An infographic has a lead time of two to three weeks. Together, we will create a schedule for the different tasks and contact moments. We aim for a high-quality infographic and consider sleeping on the concept and providing ample correction opportunities a necessary luxury.

Our specialization is distilling large amounts of complex information down to its core. This is especially important when creating an infographic, as it requires the use of the right text and visuals. If a client has a specific idea in mind, we will take it into consideration during the design process, but not consider it as the sole guiding principle.

We would like to hear your wishes regarding the content of the infographic and your preferences for the illustration style. Additionally, we would like to know more about your organization and the complexity of your message. It would be best to discuss this over the phone. Based on your wishes and our advice, we will provide a fixed-price quote.

We have all the necessary expertise to create a compelling infographic that is both substantive and visually engaging. Our team possesses academic-level thinking and has the expertise to determine the right style. We also develop visual styles that align with the client's wishes.

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