Data visualisation

With data visualisation, we organize information in such a way that your target audience wants to engage with it. We translate your spreadsheets into visually compelling charts and interactive maps with multiple layers, allowing viewers to continuously discover something new. This approach enables you to make a real impact with your data.


Bring your data to life

Got a complex story to tell? Does it involve a lot of data? Is your audience struggling to see the forest for the trees? Then data visualisation can provide a solution. We analyze your data challenges and devise an engaging information solution. From crystal clear graphs to interactive maps, together we choose the format that best conveys your message, resonates, and sinks in.


Information Analysis

We immerse ourselves in your world and conduct an information analysis, gaining a deep understanding of your data visualization challenge and the message you want to convey.


Structural Diagram

We summarize your information and provide both content and visual structure. The structural diagram serves as an initial visual layout and forms the foundation for the next steps.


Sketch Design

With the content established, we proceed to work on the data visualisation and create the accompanying text that will be displayed.


Visual Design

During this phase, we refine the data visualisation in the chosen visual style. This represents the final version.


Front-end Development

For interactive data visualizations, the design is translated into front-end code. This encompasses all visible elements of the data visualisation, enabling user interaction.


Back-end Development

After the front-end development, the back-end development follows. The back-end includes everything that is not visible, such as setting up a CMS and database, as well as utilizing APIs to enable external integrations.



Once everything is developed, we ensure that your interactive data visualisation goes live, ready to perform its intended purpose from the very beginning.

The Ocean Cleanup

Met animaties en datavisualisatie bijdragen aan plasticvrije rivieren en oceanen

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