With our training programs, you and your team will develop the skills to tackle complex challenges. Our program teaches you to think visually and navigate a structured creative process to generate original insights and solutions. By becoming a design thinker, you’ll be equipped to conquer any information mountain that comes your way.


Our workshops

Visual communication

A new way of effective communication and clarification. You learn the grammar of visual language and basic shapes, figures, and commonly used icons. With this, you visualize your own case.

Animated storytelling

Translate jargon into story. With voice-over scripts, you create short animations about current topics within your organization. This allows you to illustrate issues, changes, processes, or a new vision, for more understanding and support.

Business Drawing

Make meetings and internal communication more effective and enjoyable. You learn why we visualize, how to draw simple shapes and patterns, and color drawings. You translate words into images and use templates such as an organizational chart, timeline, or mind map.

Frequently asked questions

We have bridged the gap between traditional consultancy and design thinking. Our team consists of both visual consultants and designers. Every day, we visualize complex issues for our clients. We not only understand and enjoy drawing but also visualizing complex business issues.

We provide the drawing materials, including markers and paper, for the training. Of course, you are also allowed to bring your own materials, if you want, but it's not necessary to follow the training.

No. If you can hold a marker, you're good! We're not going to work on difficult perspective or shadow drawings. We WILL work on effective, simple, iconic drawings. There's absolutely no reason to worry about your drawing skills.

To explain a complex legal business structure. To explain the workings of a new system. To clarify relationships between departments or organizations. To determine the personas, phases, and actions within a marketing campaign to be set up. To break down a strategy. To document and visualize processes within your organization.

The Visual Communication and Animated Storytelling training courses last half a day. The Business Drawing training lasts a day or half a day.

One or more visual consultants or copywriters lead the training.

The cost of this training is € 300,- (Excl. VAT). This includes educational materials. For in-company training, customized rates can be discussed.

Our training courses are given in a special workshop room overlooking the houthavens, at our office at Moermanskkade 305, Amsterdam. On the day of the training, we are open half an hour before the start of the training.

Interested in one of our workshops?

We would be happy to tell you more about it and investigate how you can best implement this for your project.

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