Data-driven content

Reaching your audience in a sea of content is a challenging task. To ensure you get noticed, we first investigate the content needs and develop a content plan. Then, we create your campaign and make adjustments based on statistics. This is what we refer to as data-driven content, where insights from data guide our content strategy and optimization efforts.


Create relevant content to reach new customers

Whether you're at a startup or a large corporation, there are plenty of opportunities to create more impact online. We analyze why some content remains unread and how you can attract more relevant visitors. We do this with our visibility benchmark. We benchmark on KPIs such as relevance, quality, search engine optimization, and technical aspects. We capture the results in a report. In this way, we discover opportunities for developing new content, which can help you reach potential new customers.


Marketing analysis

We dive into the performance of your current marketing channels and benchmark them against your competitors. From there, we spot untapped opportunities.


Communication plan

Based on the preliminary research, we draw up a communication plan, consisting of a brand message, tone-of-voice, a list of communication tools, and a corresponding content agenda.


Content creation

Based on the content agenda, we write the required content for the various marketing channels.



We make the content easily discoverable for search engines. And based on search volumes of relevant keywords, we fine-tune the content.


User analytics

Together with you, we set up KPIs with which we can measure how the published content performs. Where necessary, we adjust the content to better align with your audience.

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