Web development involves building an interface where your target audience can find the precise information they are seeking. We devise original solutions that are technically feasible, interactive, and future-proof. Through an agile approach, we progress from a pilot phase to creating a rich digital experience that leaves a lasting impact.

From an idea to a professional platform

As new technologies emerge, user expectations evolve. At Clarify, we develop interactive platforms that inspire action. We guide you through the planning phases and invest our time where it's most needed. Together, we gain a solid understanding of what your users want and need. We then develop the smoothest possible interactive customer experience. By working agile, we prioritize tasks and ensure that we can create a pilot within a few weeks that can be tested with the target audience and subsequently scaled up.


Backlog Creation

We start with creating a backlog. This is a dynamic representation of all necessary items for the development of your product. We prioritize them and then proceed to development.


Functional Design

The functional design is the blueprint of your website and describes what your platform should look like and what it can do. A functional design provides a grip and clarity.


Back-end development

After the functional design, the development of the back-end is next. The back-end includes everything you can't see, such as setting up a CMS and database and utilizing APIs to enable external connections.


Front-end Development

Next, we proceed to the development of the visible user interface of your platform: the front-end. The front-end includes all visible elements of the platform and ensures that the user can interact with them.


Go Live

Once we have developed everything, we ensure that your platform goes live and does what it needs to do from the first second.

Frequently asked questions

Don't worry, we usually work together with you through a co-creation workshop to a solid technical brief. This way everyone is on the same page, and our tech team knows what to create.

A CMS (content management system) is not always necessary. But if you want to be able to regularly update content yourself, it is recommended. We set up most websites with a CMS, although often fully custom.

Yes, we set up some projects headless, where the CMS only acts as a storage place for the content. After that, we are completely free in how we develop the front-end.

Yes, as we also do a lot of government projects, we are adept at working according to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

We are ISO 27001 certified. This is the standard for information security and means among other things that we secure and monitor all websites we create against external attacks.

Wimer Hazenberg

Interactive director / Partner

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