in60seconds, Getting the picture en Booreiland, now known as Clarify

…the go-to agency for information design.

Amsterdam, March 7, 2022 – The Amsterdam-based agencies Booreiland, in60seconds, and Getting the Picture join forces and, as of March 7, continue together under the name Clarify. With their expertise in information design, they make complex information understandable. “Through the merger, we have everything in-house to design crystal-clear communication for our clients and provide their target audience with a fresh perspective. Whether it’s visual consultancy, developing an interactive knowledge platform, or creating an animation or infographic, Clarify can now do it all,” says Paul Schilp, managing partner at Clarify.

Information design

Information design helps to clarify complex topics, such as information about benefits, tax forms, and vaccinations, as well as combating plastic soup in the ocean or the overheating of the housing market. "Our brains process images much faster than text, so visualizing information enables us to understand it more quickly. This results in well-informed individuals and organizations that can make better choices as a result," says Schilp. "More and more organizations recognize the importance of a well-informed target audience. As a result, the demand for our work is increasing, but we also notice that the requests from clients often extend beyond the specific expertise of our three individual agencies. With Clarify, we can fully serve these clients."

"Counterbalancing polarization and misinformation"

The common denominator of the three agencies is that they all work on information design. However, each has its own specialization. For instance, Getting the Picture is an organizational consultancy firm specializing in visual consultancy and legal design. They make strategy and change processes tangible by using visual thinking and visualizations within organizations. Booreiland's expertise lies in developing interactive digital platforms – websites and apps – that clearly display complex information. Finally, in60seconds excels at visualizing complex information through animations and infographics. Schilp: "By combining our strengths, we create an all-round information design agency that employs visualization to help organizations convey complex information in a nuanced manner. In this era of increasing polarization and misinformation, we want Clarify to provide a counterbalance and enhance understanding of facts and knowledge of backgrounds."


Over the past years, the three agencies have regularly collaborated with clients such as Rabobank, NS, The Ocean Cleanup, and various government agencies. One of the first projects undertaken under the Clarify name is developing clear communication about Gasunie's contribution to the energy transition. Additionally, they are working on a visual style, animations, and infographics for the Dutch Banking Association. The day-to-day management of Clarify will be in the hands of managing director Talitha Snel. The five founders of the three agencies will become partners.